I have a gallery of framed pictures on my wall in the hallway when you enter my house. My children in all ages, some with toothless smiles, hair growing fuller by the picture and faces that are losing the round baby look and appearing just a bit more profound. There are also a couple of pictures of my husband and I, pre-kids, pre-marriage, and before starting a business together. There is one in particular that my children just love. It is a picture of Michael and I standing in front of our white VW van/bus in New Mexico, holding each other. Me in a flower short dress and my husband with sunglasses, longer hair and an open shirt. When visitors glance at the family collection, one of the children always announces “this is my mom and dad when they were hippies!” I laugh every time. Were we hippies, I don’t know?!

We traveled through America in an old VW bus for six months, and we now live in a pretty NYC suburb with three beautiful kids, commuting to our office on the 23rd floor in midtown, Manhattan.

Our packaging is different, and we are older and more experienced, but we are still fundamentally the same. We both love our freedom and we are dreamers with big ambitions and not afraid to take chances. Similar to when we were “living in the van”, our business has taken us through rocky roads and endless horizons of possibilities, encouraging creativity and issuing challenges, pushing us to new places where new decisions must be made, without overlooking the practical maintenance of the running engine. Living and experiencing every bump, but always as the driver, that has been our life together - It is a lifestyle!


  1. Yes you were hippies ;-) Not hippies really but always did what you wanted to do, regardless of what others thought. That is what I have admired about you since we worked at Rinity together. xoxo, Michelle