I work in the heart of Manhattan on the 23rd floor overlooking the skyline of the pulsating midtown, New York City. My office is a nerve center of energy and tight deadlines from the minute I step in the door and so the days just seem to zoom by… Before I know it I am heading back home to my three children and family life in the suburb up north.

However, from time to time I do dive into the city jungle beneath me. These days it is usually if I have something pre-planned with my husband or dear friends. While I may “plan” an event or trip to a restaurant, the city as I know it is still often full of surprises. The other night, for instance, I went to a poetry reading in the village with a friend and suddenly the rock legend, Lou Reed, was sitting in the chair to my immediate right. I noticed his age first, and since I listened to him when I was young, it reminded me of how time marches steadily for all of us. I was a little stunned sitting next to this music personality, with such an historic past in this city, and such a cool celebrity persona worldwide.

He seemed to be dozing off a little while listening to the poetic voices. I also had a hard time concentrating, as a million things were going on in my mind that unfortunately had nothing to do with the poetry that filled the air, but instead pertained to more mundane everyday matters with work and the kids … For a moment, I tried to imagine a much younger Lou Reed invitingly proposing “lets take a walk on the wild side?” Secretly I answered, “Sorry, but I have to go home and do laundry……”

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  1. I have always wanted to go to NY! I love the closing to this! ;)