Building bridges and a company...

I believe that many mommy owned businesses are built from an idea inspired from the presence of being or becoming a mother. Glamourmom began by creating, caring, nursing and building an idea into a business and as a founder it often feels more personal than any other previous job or work that I have performed. Over the years, I have often referred to my business as my fourth baby when discussing it with others and in interviews. In my trail of blogs, I draw upon many experiences linking my motherhood with the realities that I encounter as the founder of a business because I have learned so much from both, including the art of being patience, persistence, creativity, commitment, problem solving, managing, staying organized, and so, so many other things..

My children take up every inch of my heart and more, and while the business touches me on a lesser personal level, it is in other ways still tremendously personally profound. It is enough to make me sleepless at night at times, to worry and be hurt, to stress or become disappointed when something goes wrong. Having a business can be a roller-coaster, and you are required to ride with its ups and its downs (note: The “ups” are INCREDIBLY satisfying).

A while back after I had a “bad” day at work, my daughter noticed that something was affecting me when I came home. It was stressful behavior that only your mother or your children senses, and she asked me what was wrong. I told her that my work day had made me extra tired and a little disappointed. She looked at me and said “mommy just build a bridge and get over it!”… I will never forget that refreshing sentence, so simple, but also so filled with wisdom! Moving forward is always the way to go! I have since built many bridges while building an even bigger business,, trying to remind myself all of the time that it is just a business (not personal), … really…. right?!:)

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