Life is what happens while you are making other plans.

Yesterday I had a radio interview scheduled while I was at home with my children who are on spring break. Years back, before we were able to move Glamourmom into an office space, while we still ran the business from our home, if a customer called my husband or I would answer, “Hi this is Glamourmom can I help you?” while simultaneously feeding a toddler and soothing our infant. Our children regularly heard mom and dad switch magically into a serious business voice.

My oldest daughter is now ten, and she finds the business of Glamourmom very interesting, loves being involved any way she can, and knows even at this age how to be professionally quiet when mom is going on air.

It happened to be raining severely when the phone rang with the producer in the other end, ready to begin our on air interview. A brook happens to run across our back yard, and it can turn the neighborhood into Venice if the downpour is strong and sustained…and this time it was…and as I watched from the window, the rain kept coming…as if on cue, the interviewer probed “so how do you balance having a worldwide business, an office in NYC and being a mother of three children” just as my daughter gently knocked on the door, whispering “mommy the water is in the basement”…

While still staring at my concerned little one, my immediate answer was “first you have to be mentally very flexible, knowing that just when you have an important business meeting scheduled your son might come down with a fever”…

Life sometimes is just what happens while you are making other plans…


  1. love this post!
    I'm about to have our first baby in 3 weeks or less... and I also run a business and work almost exclusively out of our home office.
    So many people have told me "you won't be able to do everything after you have that baby" -- but I just know that with proper time management skills, a flexible attitude, and help from my husband and sister, I'll do just fine!

    Thanks for the encouragement and fun story!

  2. fantastic post! i can very much relate - as a professionally trained opera singer pursuing performance as a career, if you had told me 10 years ago that i would decide to take a "mommy hiatus" for 4 (and counting!) years from that *THING* that i love so very much and have made so many sacrifices become a (mostly) stay at home mother to 3 beautiful children?? i wouldn't have believed it...<3