An Idea

I have always seen amazing creativity within my own children. For instance, the way my daughters played dress up as preschoolers. If they needed a crown to complete a princess outfit, but did not have one, a sparkling necklace was then folded three times and worn as the missing piece. Everything needed for their play was found or created from the unspoiled imagination of the children – original visions - of what might possibly fit snugly together or what might look beautiful, and what could be done using only limited resources and materials in new creative ways. Because it’s all so new, the children are not bound by any existing standards dictating how something can or can’t be used and therefore like a fresh, uncolored act and play –the outcome is often completely unexpected results!

Sometimes the greatest ideas on the market are introduced by people who do not work in, or are not formally educated in, the industry where the idea might be successfully utilized. I came up with the concept of the Glamourmom® Nursing Bra Tank when I had my first daughter over nine years ago – a very personal revelation which I translated into a functioning item of clothing. Prior to that time, I had worked as a freelance journalist and assistant editor and had no formal experience in the apparel industry. But I was a breastfeeding mother, and therefore I faced the hurdles and needs that go along with nursing your baby every day, and I was very frustrated with the lack of stylish and functional nursing solutions available in the apparel market. I needed a tank top that could cover my post partum belly. I needed access to nurse my newborn. I needed more breast support than I ever had before. And beyond utility, I wanted my pre-pregnancy style back! I wanted fashion!! Without any type of garment available which could provide for me all of the things I wanted, I set out to design and sew my own sample garment based on my vision. Once I completed the sample, I began to realize that perhaps other mothers might desire the same thing. I tucked my newborn daughter into her baby carrier and began knocking on doors in the garment district in NYC.

Though determined, I was disappointed when the reaction from many was initially cold. While I thought my new design solved so many of my personal issues, the industry was slow to accept its usefulness. Many told me that the design was odd. Many did not understand that my design was very flexible and could be worn both alone and as an undershirt beneath regular clothing. Many did not understand that the design provided great support.

Today, I am extraordinarily proud to have created something that has revolutionized the nursing apparel market, by conceiving and following through on an idea, totally arising from my personal need, but eventually recognized as a need for many new moms!

Though I feel that I am now a more experienced player in the apparel industry, I strive to keep my mind unspoiled by what traditional “designers” might recommend as best fitting together or, what might currently sell best within an established trend. I consciously look within myself for inspiration, examining my experiences as a mom, observing other moms and their needs, and finally, I always seek stimulus from the most creative source of all, my children……

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