Dear all you Glamourmoms

In this blog I would like to share stories from my life as the mom of three healthy and active children and a full-time job at Glamourmom. When I look at my calendar and prepare for the week on a Sunday evening, I know already that it will be a challenge. I know that my mind will be overloaded with data remembering school projects, gym clothes, library books, playdates, birthday parties and important business meetings, emails and deadlines at work; but when it all seems a little too hectic, I do one thing just for myself every day (almost every day)…a short break to read a glossy magazine, a phone call to a dear friend or I squeeze in a yoga class. When there is no time, I try and make the time…sprinkle a little glamour on the over spilling cocktail of my life and it will keep me going!

So do one good thing just for yourself today, be a Glamourmom and come back again and follow my blog “From Mom to Glamourmom!”


  1. So excited about your new blog! Look forward to many many more postings!

  2. Line- you are always an inspiration!

  3. Love your blog Line.
    Sweet little stories that makes me smile and reminds me of how lucky I am...

    Thanks :)